Dr.Paul’s Engineering College

Approved by AICTE-New Delhi and Affiliated to Anna University,Chennai,India


Department Of Computer Science And Engineering

This is the age of technology. Everyone and everything seems to have something to do with computers and communications. Our future generation is already showing signs of becoming totally computer and technology dependant.

Research conducted on today's young people shows a remarkable trend. It indicates that children retain 20% of what they hear; 40% of what they see and hear and 75% of what they see and do.

Evidently learning by "doing" has become the key. That's one of the key reasons why computers have become crucial to imparting education. They combine the use of several media- video, audio, graphics, animation, text and images, to offer the student a near-live experience of what he or she is learning.

Add to it the fact that over the years, education has become increasingly complex, with more and more information communicated to the child. In this environment it is important for students to have an interesting, interactive and experiential mode of instruction that will make learning fun and easy.

Lab Facilities:

  • Windows laboratory
  • Networks laboratory
  • Internet laboratory
  • UNIX laboratory
  • Compiler design laboratory
  • Database laboratory